UAF Financial Expenditures

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Select input and submit query on the left.


Unit Levels can be totaled ['All'] or each one can be listed separately ['All(listed)']. If a single Unit Level is selected, the corresponding Dlevels will appear and a selection can be made. Furthermore, if a Dlevel is selected, the corresponding Org Codes will appear and can be checked. If none are checked, all Dlevels/Org Codes will be summed together.

Same for NCHEMS categories: 'All' totals all NCHEMS, 'All (listed)' will show each NCHEMS category.

To get only Research data, select 'Research' from the drop-down NCHEMS menu.

When the selection is made, click the "Get table" button at the bottom of the frame.

To download data: Click button "Get as CSV" at the bottom of the selection frame window.

To clear the selection, click the 'clear form' link at the bottom of the selection frame window.

After the table appears in the main frame window, that data can be sorted by clicking the column headings. To sort by more than one column heading, shift+click subsequent headings.

To filter the data, use the search box at the top of the table.

For information on the definitions, click the 'Expenditure Definitions' button in the upper left corner of the main frame window.

The current FY data are preliminary and should be treated with caution!